We work with well-known companies, trusted brands in Europe that offer custom-made products according to the manufacturing requerements. We provide our customers with a full production experience from made-to-order to delivery at the right place.

The entire process of production

The process of the product is based on the principle to cater to a customer needs

For the process of dyeing products we use the dye that meets regulations/ directives of EU and in accordance with colour samples provided by the customer

The production of packaging according to printing specifications sent by a customer

Packing of products according to customer's requirements (we can use packaging provided by the customer)

Arrangement of delivery

Delivery to warehouse
At every stage of the manufacturing process we communicate with the customers, try to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We are expanding our production capacity and we are always open to new offers. If you have offers or inquiries, we certain that we can find a solution that it acceptable to you. To receive more detailed information, please fill out this Order form.